Successful partner of industry

Since our formation in 1990 we produce high-quality cable protection and fluid leading systems for the automotive industry as well as for machinery industry. In 1997 we moved into our headquarters in Ebern. Three years later we were able to open up another plant in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2001 we started to build up a branch in the Czech Zdikov. Since then we have expanded our production and storage area and enlarged our product portfolio continuously.

High product quality and customer satisfaction are the foundations of corporate policy. So we are a development partner and producer for an increasing group of well known automotive manufacturers and industrial companies all over the world.

Our range of services

Uniwell’s production program includes a wide range of pipe systems in the areas of cable protection (corrugated tubes, smooth tubes, woven tubes), fluid leading systems and sanitary according to the latest techniques. These systems cover a tremendous variety of applications, which are reflected in design and structure and require exactly the same variety of individually coordinated manufacturing processes. Uniwell products represent extensive Know-How conditioned by long time experience and innovation of our staff. We are using all extrudable polymeric materials up to high-temperature materials. The range of plastics is being constantly expanded so that we can use and offer customized combinations of properties according to application and function.

Our contribution to Tubulyze: High-tech membrane-electrode assemblies

Widespread knowledge in the field of extrusion and lamination of various polymers will function as a basis to develop bilayer components with diameters of 5 mm as well as an extrusion process for experimental production of membrane-electrode-assemblies in this subproject.

Out of initially theoretical considerations regarding the production process there will be a progress of constructional designing of machinery and tooling, followed by defining manufacturing parameters and realising an experimental production with suitable titanium based tubing dummies.

As the evolution of titanium printing and surface coating is taking place, the next steps will be to adapt the lamination process to the new surfaces, dimensions and coatings. Usage of promising, application fitted and more sophisticated extrusion equipment will be necessary to make the membrane functional for different structures of membraneelectrode-assembly.

Process-safe experimental production of membrane-electrode-assembly initiates the next step in development, which is the Inline assembly of demonstrator components. Surface and porosity behaviour of metal-coated titanium tubes in the extrusion process is the main effort of this optimization process.

On the one hand, the subproject includes principles of trial, but also the aspect of a broad rollout of tubular systems and components with high economic efficiency.

On this, there will be the chance to demonstrate a competitive price segment of tubular membranes and half-cells for Hydrogen applications in future.

Simon Fischer