Department ‘Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces’ at HI ERN

The research department “Dynamics of Complex Fluids and Interfaces” at HI ERN focuses on the theoretical description of complex hydrodynamic systems, including wetting and spreading of liquids, multiphase flows including dispersions and emulsions, rheology, as well as heat and mass transfer in reactive flows. We develop and apply state of the art computational methods bridging from classical fluid dynamics and soft matter physics towards renewable energy applications, in particular printable photovoltaics and electrochemical energy conversion.

In the Tubulyze project, we develop a coupled finite differences thermal lattice Boltzmann model to unravel the detailed dynamics of the reactive fluid flow within the electrolyzer. The method will be extended by a free-energy based multiphase model in order to properly treat bubble formation and transport. The simulations will provide a fndamental understanding of the transport properties inside the tubular geometry on the meso- and macroscales allowing to optimize the geometry, surface properties, and process parameters.

The figure is a showcase, demonstrating a reactive thermal flow of a gas mix.

Nadiia Kulyk

Jens Harting