Chair ‘Chemistry of Thin Film Materials’ at FAU

Research in the Bachmann group (CTFM chair) focuses on the development of preparative methods for nanostructured inorganic materials and interfaces at which various types of energy conversion phenomena can be studied. We create inorganic nanostructures with accurately tunable geometry, and we study their physical and chemical properties systematically as they vary with the geometric parameters. Porous surfaces generated electrochemically (‘anodization’) and thin coatings obtained by atomic layer deposition (ALD) are among the prominent methodic topics of investigation. In terms of applications, we are particularly interested in the transport and exchange of electrons and ions at interfaces in solar cells, batteries, and other electrodes.

In Tubulyze, we at CTFM will perform the surface treatments needed to render electrodes proficient towards the reactions of electrolysis. We will confer them with ordered arrays of pores by anodization in order to increase their geometric surface area. Furthermore, we will perform the ALD of noble metal catalysts. Both aspects will be optimized towards high current densities at simultaneously minimized loading with noble metals. We are also in charge of coordinating the collaborative project.

Doctoral student: André Hofer
Management: Laura Progscha
Principal investigator: Prof. Julien Bachmann